Paris, European capital, where people are in a hurry, they run in all directions, cannot stand waiting for transport, and once in transit, they keep busy with a book or their smartphone … this is the portrait that we often see in this city. But this city is also of astonishing beauty, of a very strong culture, a long history. In addition, Parisian life is very diversified, in ages, peoples, socio-economic and political classes.

It would be difficult to show all of this in a bus ride. But, what if it were possible to show a small part of Parisian diversity, the time of a short trip in the city center?

I took a bus ride in Paris, getting on and off a few times, waiting for another bus, and above all, observing people around me. I saw exchanges between strangers, helping hands across generations, smiles from the drivers, enthousiastic youngsters, children with their grandparents. And this, in a feeling of calm and courtesy. Admittedly, it’s not always like that, but it is possible to see it and I want to remember that through these images.